Monday, 21 November 2011


As the second semister of the 2010/2011 academi calendar is approaching the end period, future of the anticipated Malswich cards by residential students at Poly remain uncertain as sourced from PSU executive.

It was to the interest of the writer to get more information on how the process of switching from meal coupons to Malswitch cards was proceeding. However, when the PSU president, Noel Mwenye, was approached by one journalism student, Mwenye denied to give comments by saying the issue was sensitive and that it can cause violent actions. But how on earth is this issue sensitive? Is it not when the Poly community dissolved the PSU when they started talking about this? Was it just a way to buy back student confidence? All these questions gives an impression that the PSU is playing games with our intellect.

Poly students started making demands to authorities on Malswitch by the end of first semister due to poor quality of food offered by Catering solutions. This was like a campaign material for the president who is failing to comment. Several students who have been approached to comment on the president's conduct, have expressed their dissappointment, and have threatened to take appropriate action to make sure that their demands are addressed in in the forthcoming academic year.

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