Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I wonder when shall manners be installed in our women's brains. In the name of democracy, we have witnessed the embarrassment the minister of internal security, Aaron Sangala, withstood in the honourable house when he was manhandled by Honourable Anita Kalinde. The point am trying to make here is from my personal opinion following several comments from the public.

Soon after the reports were spreading through the waves that 'the unfortunate' has happened in the house of  parliament, I was like come on, whats going on in our beloved land of Nyasa. How politically mad are we that we can't even mange our tempers and forget the respect that has been there in the country,especially the honourable house?

What I don't understand at the moment is whether if there were any issues between the players of this forbiden act. In my opinion, I feel like there were personal issues between the two and its just a waste of time for the nation to make noise on this issue after we are failing to bring forward solutions to the current economic turmoil Malawi is.

Anita Kalinde is a woman whose character is questionable. Am not surprised with her actions after it was also reported that she was also 'fixed' by the cadates sometime back following her doubtful actions when she was in DPP.

It is not that am supporting Sangala's statement which i can describe as 'dishonourable' as far as ministerial statements are concerned. Sangala should have noted that he is the Minister who needs to be careful when speaking, more especially when derivering ministerial statements in the house of parliament.

On the judgement that has been given on the issue then I can say that the committee which was handling the issue were 'politically crippled' in the head, God knows why. Moral justice is no more, and I wonder if natural fairness exist in any political environment.

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  1. Chiko,
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